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Dunn's River

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Experience the pinnacle of Italian splendor on the silky-white-sand shores of the cerulean Caribbean Sea. Stroll through the majestic Piazza Del Campo, past classical sculptures and Mediterranean architectural flourishes, to the gorgeous pool—complete with its own spectacular 600-foot version of nearby Dunn’s River Falls. Come face to face with the vast, azure glory of the translucent aquamarine ocean, ebbing and flowing under the golden sun. Become absolutely bewitched by the incredible pairing of Italian Renaissance sophistication with the scintillating natural beauty and tropical pulse of the islands. The very best of all possible worlds awaits you enticingly at Sandals Dunn’s River Villaggio.

The Majesty of Italy on the Pristine Shores of the Caribbean

As you travel along the elegant driveway, lined on either side by stately royal palm trees and punctuated by splashes of violet, red and yellow blossoms spilling out of gorgeously landscaped beds, you realize immediately that you’ve arrived at a special place. This impression only heightens as you alight in front of a stunning arched entryway that leads into a lobby reminiscent of the grandest Roman palazzos. Soaring green-marble columns, sumptuously upholstered easy chairs, a sweeping staircase and a whole host of rich, ornate touches transport you indelibly, across thousands of miles and several centuries, straight to the very heart of Renaissance Italy. Sip an icy Bellini—a heavenly concoction of champagne and peach nectar, said to have been invented in Venice—as you take in every exquisite detail of your surroundings and bask in the warm, genuine welcome of your new Caribbean family. Stroll through the open-air Piazza del Campo where a huge, multi-hued statue of Arlecchino, or Harlequin, as he is known in English—a legendary figure in the days of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci—presides over a bustling courtyard filled with the hum of conversation and the intoxicating aroma of custom-made pizzas, fresh from the wood-fired oven. Share a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio or ruby Chianti as you gaze in awe at our cascading, 600-foot replica of nearby, world-famous Dunn’s River Falls, splashing majestically into the vast, glistening swim-up pool bar. Browse indulgently for decadent treats and diversions in La Galleria, a graciously colonnaded arcade whose painted, domed ceiling and muted slate floors remind you of the very finest areas of Florence. Watch as the glory of the Old World meets and seamlessly merges with the natural beauty of the islands when you venture along statue-filled pathways winding through luxuriant, rainforest-like foliage, dotted with fragrantly exotic blooms in vivid shades of purple, pink, blue and red, all beneath an impossibly azure sky. Happen upon the remarkable vision of the glistening turquoise ocean dancing beneath the golden tropical sun and you’ll know, once and for all, you’ve discovered a truly magical spot, the very best of all possible universes.

Incredible Luxury Enfolds You

Savor vintage wines in pewter goblets, paired magnificently with delectable pastas made by our Italian chefs. Sink into your Jacuzzi tub amidst the resplendent, marbled splendor of your gleaming bathroom. Pop open a perfectly chilled bottle of champagne amidst the plush environs of your lavishly outfitted suite. Then take your fluted glasses, filled with pale-golden, bubbling nectar, out onto a balcony that offers an unimaginable view of the aquamarine ocean, the surrounding emerald mountainsides and the undulating Jamaican shoreline. Enjoy all of the opulent sophistication that distinguishes every room and emanates from every space in this ultra-luxurious, tropical Paradise with a sublime Italian flavor.

Romantic Nooks Galore

Amble along Jade Walk, a wide promenade that gradually rises, between and beneath a breathtaking canopy of vibrant pink bougainvillea, towards a secluded gazebo backlit and outlined dramatically against the cloudless cerulean sky. Listen entranced as sweet-voiced birds serenade you with whimsical ballads from their perches atop towering trees. Claim a solitary hammock perfect for two slung between two shady palms and rock gently to the rhythm of ocean waves echoing nearby. Draw lounge chairs right up to the shimmering, translucent water’s edge and laze for countless hours, lapped by the cooling sea and warmed by the ever-shining sun. Wander aimlessly together and discover endless tranquil niches, flower-filled alcoves and cozy nooks where peace reigns supreme and time stands still.

Elegant Nightlife from Sunset until Sunrise

Dine al fresco beneath a thick canopy of stars as you breathe in the heady scents of night-blooming jasmine. Belly up to the bar in the enchanting Marco Polo Lounge, where the almond trees of the adjoining, open-air Piazza Del Campo are mirrored by the overhanging branches and green leaves of the massive manmade tree that forms the center of this charming, indoor circular watering hole. Clink glasses and sample your perfectly shaken martini as you listen to a jazz band and drink in the incredible ambiance of this intimate spot, all lit up by the glow of strings of white lights and old-fashioned lanterns that festoon the limbs of the fairytale foliage. Take in a show worthy of Broadway, move to the pulsing rhythms of live music or perform your best karaoke renditions in the Forum, our sophisticatedly pulsating cabaret. Head out to the Bar Della Musica and wind each evening down smoothly with a nightcap, as a pianist serenades you under the magical luminescence of a full, island moon.

Legendary Caribbean Hospitality Melds with Old-World Gentility

A steaming bath drawn to your ideal temperature in your suite’s Jacuzzi tub; your clothes neatly unpacked and impeccably pressed; a heart traced in red petals against brilliant white sheets, under the creamy linen canopy of your dark-wood four-poster bed; your favorite beverages mixed flawlessly and placed in your hands before you even ask for them; your most-coveted delicacies, prepared to perfection and presented with a flourish and a smile—have your every desire catered to at Sandals Dunn’s River by our supremely warm staff, whose greatest longing is to make your every wish come true. From the expert care of attentive waiters to the friendly anticipation of skilled and always laughing bartenders, and from the divine cuisine of gifted and renowned chefs to, the ultimate indulgence, the superbly discreet and remarkably impeccable ministrations of elite, English-Guild trained butlers—every single member of our staff is completely dedicated to pampering you and making this one of the most spectacular and memorable times of your life.

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