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Enter the elegantly rustic, jewel-like lobby and immediately come face to face with a beach so magnificent it takes your breath away. A half mile of pearl-white sand arcing in a perfect crescent, kissed by translucent turquoise water—the spectacular sight of the undulating aquamarine sea greets you from every corner of Sandals Negril. The lushness of the gardens, the staff’s easygoing warmth and the ever-present, soothing sound of surf—you’ll find time slipping away as you become one with the carefree Negril state of mind.


Open on all sides with a panoramic view of the Caribbean as it sparkles and undulates under both the sun and moon, this spectacular setting serves up International cuisine to enliven your taste buds and satiate your appetite at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Featuring live entertainment at every meal, you’ll receive never-ending star treatment from the attentive staff.

4 Cs

Dine on sumptuous Italian cuisine, including a self-service antipasti bar, at tables for two, lit by flickering candles, in an impossibly romantic setting that juts directly out over the sand and almost into the water itself. Share sumptuous bites of pasta and sip ambrosial wine as the waves whisper promises of the night ahead.

The Sundowner

An authentic island veranda, faithfully preserved throughout the decades, welcomes you to this enchanting restaurant, which serves classical Jamaican food with an Asian accent. White-glove service set to the melody of the ocean waves—discover a whole new meaning to the word romance.

Barefoot By The Sea

Take your shoes off and sink your toes into the incredibly soft sand as you drink in the aura of a sophisticated restaurant set right on the beach itself. With a star-filled sky as your backdrop and white-glove service at your beck and call, feast on seafood just steps away from the water’s brink.


Dramatic teppanyaki-style dining with an island flair will have you spending your evening delighting to the sizzling, tableside preparation of all your favorite dishes, done to a uniquely reggae beat.

Sandals Café

Our beachside grill offers up the very best in comfort food, throughout the day and late into the night. From hot dogs and hamburgers to nachos and Jamaican patties, fulfill all your cravings as you sit under almond trees on an intimate deck overlooking—you guessed it—the opalescent Caribbean Sea.

Ultimate Beach Resort

Step right out onto the sand and dip your toes in the delicious, clear waters of the Caribbean at Sandals Negril, where 99% of the rooms and suites open out virtually onto the sea’s edge. Marvel at the profound perfection of our crescent-shaped cove beach that curves tantalizingly for half a mile, claiming the single largest and best portion of Negril’s world-famous Seven Mile Beach. Wend your way up the spiral staircase in your breathtaking loft suite and luxuriate in the quaint splendor of your very own version of an intimate tree house in the Garden of Eden. Give in to nature’s abundant glory in this oasis of tropical flowers and vegetation, where all the architecture is low-rise to merge seamlessly in with the aromatic blooms and luxuriant greenery. Dine al fresco to the music of lapping waves in a place where every restaurant features beachside, candlelit tables-for-two. Contemplate the unbelievable palette of red, orange, pink and gold tints as they light up the sky and sink slowly into the still, shimmering sea in a daily ritual of sunsets that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Lose all sense of time, wind down and become blissfully lazy as you gaze endlessly at the liquid horizon, from your prime oceanfront seat in the sand under gently swaying palms. The ebb and flow of the azure ocean, the scent of salt in the air and the feel of the sun caressing your skin—surrender yourself completely to the allure of total freedom.

A Real Negril Welcome

Smiles that outshine even the sun itself greet you at every turn, every meal, every activity, letting you know that you’ve found a place in paradise to call your very own. Characters like “Singing Sandra,” the bartender who’ll offer up a reggae tune along with your banana daiquiri, or the legendary Fitzroy, whose non-stop jokes and endless banter spice up every Jamaican patty or burger that he serves you from the beachside grill, fill your stay with laughter, warmth and ease. Our ultra-professional staff—including Butlers trained to serve royalty itself—anticipate your every need, fulfill your every desire and shower you with so much authentic island hospitality that you’ll never want to leave.

Heaven Built-For-Two

Romance whispers to you in the sea breezes that tousle your hair as the golden-orange sun sinks into the glistening sea. Countless niches beckon, imploring you to rediscover that special look in each other’s eyes and to fall in love all over again. Whether you’ve come here to begin your life together—marrying on lawns strewn with pink bougainvillea petals or in a beachfront gazebo—or whether you’re here to celebrate a love that’s stood the test of time, every inch of Sandals Negril entices couples to dive into the unfathomable depths of perfect bliss.

Green and Gorgeous

Showcasing some of the most spectacular natural scenery on the planet, Sandals Negril is totally dedicated to preserving and paying homage to the environment and to our own amazing tropical habitat, which lies only 15 minutes away from the Royal Palm Reserve and museum, a 300-acre facility that protects one of the largest stands of native swamp cabbage palms in the islands. The resort’s very own dedicated environmental team has spared no effort to ensure that this corner of heaven remains pristine and unspoiled. Even the innovative architecture has been expertly designed to blend in with the glorious surroundings, so that not one building rises higher than the treetops of the majestically swaying royal palms. Vivid bougainvillea spills down in a stunning cascade from rooftops, coloring everything in shades of fuchsia, tangerine and pink. Achingly lovely grounds span 23 acres, overflowing with a controlled riot of vibrant blooms and intoxicating scents. Violet plumbagos, bright hibiscus, exotic red and pink ginger lilies—an endless list of tropical flowers fills the air with the heady fragrance of tropical days and nights laden with sweet seduction. Truly, a Garden of Eden, such as this, is worth protecting. And we’ve done a good job—Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa was the first resort, from over 400 hotels, to earn the Caribbean Hotel Association’s award for environmental excellence, as well as the prestigious Green Globe Award for environmental stewardship.

As Laid-Back or As Active As You Want To Be

Known affectionately as the “capital of casual,” Negril also boasts a colorful and fascinating past, which you can explore with a visit to the Negril Lighthouse where a mini museum displays artifacts, dating as far back as 1894, and the still-functioning beacon continues, even to this day, to warn ships away from the treacherous West Point.

The town of Negril has always been free-spirited by nature, famed for its laid-back ambience and carefree attitude. Sandals Negril—where simplicity meets world-class luxury—embodies all that’s light-hearted and ultra-relaxed about this timeless place, yet with an understated elegance and refinement that only the most opulent of resorts can claim. Formed from the twining of three of the town’s original hotels, this spot mirrors the incredible Negril vibe that throbs just outside our gates, incorporating all of the attributes that make this legendary place so beloved, while adding our own signature ultra-deluxe touches and sophisticated style. Aimed exclusively at making each and every one of your vacation dreams come true, this charmed resort beats with two hearts. The main area, home to the swim-up pool bar, hums with perpetual excitement and myriad opportunities for action-packed activities, such as bonfires on the sand, beach parties, pool volleyball, waterskiing, tennis, scuba diving and reggae-dancing lessons. However, if you prefer to experience the quieter side of paradise, look no further than the Sundowner area of the resort—with its coconut-tree-lined beach, piano bar, barefoot restaurant and brand-new, unbelievable River Suites—where you can wile the days away sipping delicious cocktail concoctions as the sun bronzes your body and the ocean washes away all your cares.

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