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Grande Antigua

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Two uniquely gorgeous hearts beat as one at Sandals Grande Antigua, where the lush, tropical gardens, intimate gingerbread architecture and warm tropical rhythms of the Caribbean Grove mingle exquisitely with the unrivalled glamour, worldly sophistication and magnificent grandeur of the Mediterranean Village. Embrace virtually endless possibilities in a setting dominated by the ever-present spectacle of an endlessly sparkling, amazingly translucent sea caressing the whitest, silkiest beach you’re ever likely to encounter. Surrender unreservedly to the undulating ocean, balmy trade winds and cascading, multi-hued tropical blooms of this island paradise, where you’re bound to rediscover the very essence of romance.


Delicate breezes spill in off the sea, past the yellow and cream striped awnings, stirring your white tablecloth and the fronds of the potted areca palms that run the length of this charming rectangular space. Gaze out through white limestone arches to the breathtaking, multi-hued sea as you dine splendidly on International fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Thrill to a dazzling display of virtuoso knife-work and the constant flow of laughter, as your talented chef flips a still-sizzling shrimp onto your plate. Enjoy freshly prepared sushi along with exciting teppanyaki favorites, all within the soothing, Zen-like confines of this handsome, Asian-inspired space set amidst luscious leaves of towering bamboo.

OK Corral

Munch on tex-mex dishes in this octagonal, open-air eatery perched two stories above the beach offering amazing vistas of the shimmering, teal sea spread out before you.


Savor splendidly spiced Caribbean cuisine under a festive v-shaped ceiling festooned with dancing, banana-frond paddle fans, all looking out over a sea shimmering beneath the silvery glow of a starlit sky.

[Coffee House Name TBD]

Perfectly frothy cappuccinos, aromatic espressos and steaming cups of java made just the way you like them provide the ideal complement to elegantly wrought cakes, pastries and desserts in this delightful patisserie.


Scenes of Italy adorn one side of this majestic restaurant, where you can satiate your hunger for breakfast, lunch and dinner beneath a towering v-shaped glass roof that allows streaming light to pass through its unfurled brown and tan draperies, illuminating a spectacular room ringed with two walls of dark-wood French doors.

Cricketer’s Arms

Cross the Atlantic the instant you enter this authentic English pub, complete with carved walls, rich wooden benches, genuine cricket paraphernalia and a clubby billiards room. Sample some of the best pub grub this side of London as you drink in the warm, hearty ambiance of this British enclave.

Bella Napoli

Bite into crisp-crusted pizzas, expertly prepared in our wood-fired oven and laden with your choice of delectable toppings, under red umbrellas on a terrace overlooking manicured lawns, with our perfectly proportioned reflecting pool glinting in the distance.

Barefoot on the Beach

Bask in impeccable white-glove service and dig your toes into satiny sands, as you feast on sublime seafood and listen to the ocean waves serenading you in this beguiling spot set directly on the beach, with only a wood-shingled Caribbean roof between you and a night sky overflowing with stars and glowing with the light of the moon.

Two Distinct Personalities Meet in One Magical Spot

Imagine a place that combines all of the lush, flowering sweetness of the islands with all of the majestic grandeur and scale of Europe—welcome to Sandals Grande Antigua, a rare joining of two separate pulsations to form one beautiful and unforgettable heartbeat. For years the intimate allure of the Caribbean Grove has enthralled with its quaint gingerbread architecture, blissful cottage-in-the-round rondovals and luxuriant tropical gardens. Now, with the arrival of our brand new Mediterranean Village, you can thrill to a whole new energy of soaring, monumental columns, grand chandeliers and world-class amenities. And, pulling both these special characters together into one compatible whole, is the constant presence of breathtaking Dickenson Bay, our endlessly arcing, white-sand beach overlooking the vast sparkling expanse of an impossibly luminescent aquamarine sea. Claim the very best of all possible universes at this unique getaway, where you can bask in the splendor of the Old World, at the same time as you’re completely consumed by the warm, lilting spirit of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Grove—Your Island Haven

Open wide the doors to your patio and let the mingled scents of frangipani, lantana and orange blossom perfume your cozy sanctuary, nestled deep in the folds of lusciously blossoming foliage and serenaded by the delicate chorus of chirping birds. Wander along stone pathways that curve through gardens overflowing with exotic blooms that twine and merge together in a cascading tumble of vibrant, rich fragrance and color. Bright yellow allamanda blooms and light pink hibiscus flirt with fuchsia bougainvillea as blue plumbagos meld seamlessly with the deep, regal shades of purple queens—everywhere you look a riot of vivid hues come together to create a rainbow of petals amidst a backdrop of plush greenery and towering royal palms. Forget all sense of conventional time as you set your clock by the rhythm of the ever-present waves and the position of the sun as it makes its way across an unimaginably azure sky. Gather each evening under the stars in our open courtyard and sip an ambrosial cocktail as live music, the irresistible buzz of convivial conversation and the melodic clinking of glasses reminds you that you’ve left all cares behind and escaped reality completely in this intoxicating Caribbean paradise.

The Mediterranean Village—A Whole New Level of Grand

Pull up beneath the monumental port cochère that looms three stories above your head and get ready to be awestruck at the all-encompassing grandeur that awaits. Boasting a stunning array of opulent amenities, ultra-luxurious accommodations and world-class service, our brand new Mediterranean Village simply redefines the very notion of excellence. Laze languidly in your very own state-of-the-art, self-cooling cabana, complete with wireless Internet access, and bask in all the happening sights and sounds enlivening the Eastern Caribbean’s largest pool. Draw your lounge chair right into the pool as you take advantage of this impressive lagoon’s zero entry. Soak in the rays of the golden sun as you trail your hand in the refreshing water. Settle in to your sumptuous suite and take in the panoramic views of distant mountains, resplendent nature and the unending liquid horizon from your bird’s-eye balcony, cooled by the ever-blowing trade winds. Shop for designer clothes, scintillating diamonds or that perfect remembrance of your stay in one of the elegant stores ringed around our gracious piazza with its tinkling fountain. Listen to the achingly evocative notes of a lone saxophonist as dusk falls and the silvery moon begins to rise in the equatorial sky. Give in to a whole new level of lavishness as this magnificent hideaway enfolds you in its radiant embrace.

A Beach for the Ages

Flawless white sand, the color and consistency of powdered sugar, stretches out before you in a graceful sweep, lapped rhythmically by waters that are so clear and luminous that you’ll swear they’re made of transparent liquid light. Dig your feet into the satiny folds of Dickenson Bay—one of the most celebrated of Antigua’s 365 beaches—and feel the soft, smooth grains massage your toes. Ease yourself onto a chaise lounge under a thatched-roof palapas hut and stare out at the Caribbean as you try, like so many before you, to identify all the myriad shades and hues of blue and green in an ocean that seems to glow from within. Watch the vivid triangular sails of Sandals boats as they tack and billow in the sea breezes. Wade, inch-by-inch, into the crystalline waters until you’re utterly drenched in its silky purity. Experience for yourselves a beach rated the fourth best on the entire planet and revel in the delicious knowledge that it’s all yours!

Love Is Everywhere

Exchange your vows beneath a fairytale gazebo adorned with overflowing tropical vines in view of the undulating turquoise sea. Begin the rest of forever together in an impossibly picturesque rondoval on the beach or in a honeymoon suite where every tiny detail and exquisite touch has been designed to ensure that the only thing you’ll have to think about is each other. Disappear into unbelievably fragrant gardens bursting with exotic blooms. Indulge in a rejuvenating treatment-for-two in your suite, on the beach or in the incredibly soothing environs of our Red Lane Spa. Sip chilled champagne and make a toast to eternity as the red-gold sun sinks smoothly into the sea, tinging the horizon in a blaze of fiery oranges, purples and magentas and turning the ocean into an expanse of lavender light with a sailboat bobbing gently in its incandescent midst. In no time at all you’ll know exactly why this beguiling sanctuary has been voted, year after year after year, the most romantic resort in the world!

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