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Royal Bahamian

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A magnificent Georgian façade—a stunning remnant of the recent glory days when a former king of England walked these very grounds—welcomes you regally to Sandals Royal Bahamian. Reigning over a prime stretch of Nassau’s famed Cable Beach and overlooking the aquamarine translucence of the Caribbean Sea, this storied site radiates elegance in its lavish buildings and luxurious suites, excitement in its majestic array of dazzling options and adventure in its exotic offshore island. Bask in the sophisticated splendor born of a more genteel era and claim this resplendent realm as your very own enchanted kingdom under the island sun.


The murmur of intimate conversation mingles musically with the clinking of fine crystal glasses, as you sample yet another exquisite bite, expertly prepared by our award-winning chef. Candlelight dances on every table and glistens in the stunning row of bayed windows that forms one entire wall of this jewel-like setting. The understated sophistication of the art nouveau décor merges perfectly with the layered splendor of the French cuisine to create a dining experience unrivalled by anything outside of Paris.

Crystal Room

The refracted luminescence, which seems to literally leap from every sparkling facet of the magnificent Baccarat-crystal chandelier that dominates this impossibly elegant space, bathes your faces in an almost magical glow. Dine decadently on sumptuous, International fare, as the rich salmon-colored walls, crested by an aquamarine wooden frieze, transport you to a previous century entirely.

Ristorante Casanova

Plump olives, crusty bread, piquant peppers and ripe cheeses—pile your plate high with all the bounty of the Old Country at the overflowing antipasti bar. Gaze into the open show kitchen and watch our talented chefs at work, whipping up a delectable array of entrées that showcase the entire range of beloved Italian cooking. Feast, beneath a spectacular glass dome, on al dente pasta or a delicately grilled swordfish, lightly kissed with herbs. And don’t forget to save room for the Tiramisu.


Gather breathlessly around rectangular tables sizzling with heat and the excitement of the moment. Gasp in delighted awe as your chef wields his razor sharp knives with the consummate skill of a lifelong swordsman, throwing tender morsels of shrimp into the air and removing their tails in one fell swoop. Experience the unique thrill of Teppanyaki dining. Let your laughter ring off the deep red ceilings and muted granite floors, as you relish every exotic flavor and embrace every delicious moment.


A gentle breeze wafts in through a wall of open French doors, carrying the seductive scent of the sea and whetting your appetite for the succulent Caribbean and Mediterranean specialties served within these colorful peach-tinged walls at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Café Goombay

Travel to Sandals Cay, our own offshore island, for a real taste of the Bahamas. Savor the vivid hues of the Caribbean and the symphony of ocean waves breaking on white sand, mere feet from the wide open walls of this fairytale venue, as you satisfy your longing for the freshest seafood anywhere, perfectly accompanied by a chilled, golden chardonnay.

The Cricketer’s Pub

Cozy beyond compare—with its solid wood floors, venerable carved centerpiece, gleaming bar and authentic church pews—every single corner of this convivial eating establishment, which was brought over brick by brick from England, resonates with the indomitable spirit and encompassing warmth of the British Isles. So sprinkle some malt vinegar on your fish and chips, sip your frothy pint of lager and revel in your unscheduled sojourn across the pond.

Royal Cafe

Glance out at the turquoise expanse of the undulating ocean from your front row seat in this beachfront grill. Fill up on hearty comfort food throughout long, hungry days of swimming and sunbathing, as you munch on all your favorites, such as burgers, fries and salads. When night falls, satiate your senses with grilled delicacies sporting a decidedly Caribbean and Southwestern flair, as you enjoy that gorgeous view by moonlight.


For a completely one-of-a-kind epicurean treat, indulge in a gastronomic evening at the very tip of a pier jutting right out over the sea, as it ebbs and flows under the light of thousands of stars. An included treat for guests of butler suites, this restaurant is also available to everyone at Sandals Royal Bahamian who covets something truly exceptional and refuses to settle for anything other than the utterly priceless. Specializing in sublime seafood dishes, in a supremely enchanting atmosphere, every element at Gordon’s represents a culinary triumph.

Rich British Tradition Thrives on the Shores of the Caribbean Sea

Step out from your purring Rolls Royce and be greeted by a soaring portico, wrought in a particularly stunning shade of Wedgwood-blue, as you cross the threshold of Sandals Royal Bahamian. Feel as if you’ve been invited for aperitifs in the most cultivated of English drawing rooms as you settle in, with a perfectly shaken martini, amongst the deep mahogany accents and beneath a ceiling burnished with gold leaf accents, to listen to the pianist’s tinkling melodies in the ultra-refined enclave of the Piano Bar. Cross the Atlantic in the blink of an eye as you slide into original wooden pews, share a pint beneath beaten-tin ceiling tiles and marvel at the ornately carved bar centerpiece that’s over one hundred years old—every authentic element of the Cricketer’s Pub, down to the burnished terrazzo tiles and Boddingtons Ale, transports you directly to the very soul of London. As the thousand shimmering diamantine facets, of a sparkling crystal chandelier, bathe you in an otherworldly glow, taste the majesty of an ancient culture and revel in all of the pomp, circumstance and grandeur of true British colonial splendor.

A Truly Royal History

A British colony since the early 18th Century, the Bahamas boasts a colorful past filled with dramatic tales of pirates, treasure and fortunes won and lost on the high seas. In 1940 this nation of 700 islands gained another claim to fame with the appointment of the Duke of Windsor, formerly His Royal Highness, King Edward VIII of England, as the Royal Governor of the Bahamas. When the Duke of Windsor, along with his wife, the Duchess of Windsor, née Wallis Simpson, arrived in Nassau to assume his post, he carefully selected an impressive location, set directly on the white sands of Cable Beach, to serve as his offices. Today that site—known in the Duke’s day as the Balmoral Club, where the ex-monarch and his bride played host to many glittering social events and high society gatherings—is called Sandals Royal Bahamian. Many reminders of that stately age still linger palpably in the style, furnishings and ambience of this historic and opulent spot. Take a particularly glistening jaunt down memory lane when you gaze at the gallery of black-and-white photographs, portraying all the luminaries who once graced these same halls, within the dark-wood environs of the Piano Bar. As you stroll the manicured grounds and wander through sumptuous rooms filled with aristocratic echoes and noble nuances, assume your rightful place as the very latest honored guests of a majestic place that has welcomed high society, regaled heads of state and beguiled royalty.

Adventure Abounds By Day on Sandals Cay, Our Exotic Offshore Island

Simply hop aboard one of our comfortable boats and, within minutes, you’ll find yourself in another reality entirely—Sandals Cay, our offshore isle filled with unending possibilities for excitement, relaxation, seclusion, fine dining and romance. While the sun shines high in the cerulean sky, amuse yourself with lazy walks along a perfect, crescent beach lined with thatched-roof palapas huts and coconut palms swaying in the gentle winds off the ocean. Or stake out your own pristine patch of Paradise, beneath a gazebo, sheltered by a Casuarina tree, or right out in open, on a sugary-white stretch of sand, with nothing between you and the sunshine but the impossibly fresh air. Wade into the crystalline translucence of the incredibly turquoise Caribbean and sigh contentedly as its refreshing brilliance covers you, inch by inch, washing away every single care and leaving nothing in its wake, but total peace. Swim up to the pool bar and share a laugh with the joke-cracking bartender as he pours you a potently delectable, fruit-filled cocktail. Embrace divine tranquility as you enjoy a soul-altering spa treatment amidst the incredible, Asian-inspired serenity of our unique Red Lane Escape, where pink lotuses float in copper fountains and Zen statues invite your spirits to fly free.

Sandals Cay by Night—Seductive Mystique Bewitches

Once the golden orb has set and night has fallen on our entrancing offshore island, then the real magic begins. Roast marshmallows on an open fire, from your romantic nook just for two, as you become mesmerized by the seductive dance of the flames’ reflection in the water’s glassy surface only a few feet away. Wander along a curving path, beneath the subdued glow of round Chinese lanterns bobbing in the evening breeze, until you arrive at the very tip of the cay, where wave after wave breaks in white foamy crescendos, all illuminated by the silvery moon. Dine on ambrosial, à la carte Caribbean cuisine in Café Goombay, where the candlelight on each table competes only with the sustained glow of innumerable stars twinkling in the heavens above. Don’t miss our twice weekly events, when the island is mysteriously transformed into a domain of unfettered bacchanalia and exuberant celebration. Connect with your inner buccaneer on Pirates’ Night, when you banquet on skewered meats and drink many a toast to the legendary feats and nefarious doings of Blackbeard and Captain Morgan. Attend our famed Barefoot Bahamian Luau and let all your inhibitions go as you surrender to the wild side of the islands. Move to the pulsating beat of a calypso band; writhe along with the costumed Junkanoo troupe; listen to the mystical pronouncements of the Obeah man; and contort your body in ways you’d never imagined possible, so as to slink untouched beneath the limbo pole—all in front of the surging blaze of a huge bonfire. For unmatched exhilaration, untouched natural beauty and sheer fun, nothing quite compares to Sandals Cay.

Be Dazzled by Endless Excellent Options

Awaken to the sound of sweet birdsong lilting through the windows of your supremely luxurious pastel-colored villa in The Royal Village, nestled in amidst lush foliage, flower beds bursting with fragrant blooms, in impossible hues of magenta, tangerine and scarlet towards, sparkling semi-private pools and tinkling stone fountains. Fling open the French doors of your extravagant suite, in the extraordinary Windsor wing, and feast your eyes on an unsurpassed view of the translucent teal sea as it slips forward and recedes under a cloudless, azure sky. Place your order for a daring tropical concoction at one of our three swim-up pool bars, as you get ready for a spirited game of volleyball. Crack open that book you’ve been dying to read, as you laze languidly on an unblemished, white-sand beach. Knock back a freshly pulled pint with newfound friends in a genuine English pub, as you dispute the merits of your favorite sports team and tell tall tales of your prowess with darts. Indulge in an epicurean delight beyond your wildest dreams as you dine by candlelight on gourmet fare so luscious and delicate that you’ll swear you’re on the banks of the Seine, in the very heart of the inestimable City of Lights. Harmonize to your favorite tunes in the rich atmosphere of the clubby Piano Bar. Journey back to another millennium, as you sweep from one opulently outfitted room to the next in a privileged tour of history that will leave you breathlessly awed. Climb on board a boat that, in just a few minutes, whisks you to another reality altogether, where you can explore and dive headfirst into the many revels and delicious diversions offered by Sandals Cay, your very own enchanted realm of uninhibited island pleasures. Countless exquisite surprises await at Sandals Royal Bahamian—one spectacular destination that delivers a multitude of different experiences and an endless array of alluring pleasures.

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