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Montego Bay

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The fun never sets at Sandals Montego Bay. Always swaying and smiling and showing off its breathtaking natural beauty, its unbelievably long and perfect white-sand beach and its incredible pulsating energy, this spot will enliven your days, enrapture your evenings and awaken you to a heightened state of being. The very first Sandals to open its doors and invite lovers to fall in love all over again, this place welcomes you into its heart and enters your soul, so completely that, no matter where you roam, you’re always drawn to come back home.


French windows flung open to let in cooling sea breezes make dining indoors for breakfast, lunch and dinner a truly wonderful treat. If you’re more in the mood for a meal under the almond trees and bright blue umbrellas on the terrace overlooking the scintillating sea, just ask to be seated outdoors. While you enjoy your surroundings, don’t forget to indulge your appetite with delicious International cuisine.

Tokyo Joe’s

Built right out over the water, which sparkles in the moonlight and under the stars, this two-tiered restaurant features dramatic red columns and balconies and a covered area under a blue pagoda roof. Tantalize your taste buds with delectable stir fried fare, prepared with flames flying and much fanfare, right before your eyes.


Watermelon-hued walls and white-wood encased bay windows overlook the ocean spread out right below this air-conditioned restaurant, reminiscent of old colonial plantation houses. Feast on refined Jamaican dishes for dinner in a splendid setting, enhanced by our signature white-glove service.

Cucina Romana

Authentic Italian favorites to enliven your evenings, prepared by a chef and sous-chef that hail directly from Italy, all served up in an upstairs setting that gives you a birds eye view of the spot-lit Caribbean Sea—it simply cannot get any better than this.

OK Corral

Beach grill by day and Tex-Mex restaurant by night, this culinary venue sits directly on the sand and lets you experience true barefoot dining.

A True Original

The very first Sandals resort to open its doors and set a whole new bar for luxury and romance in the Caribbean, Sandals Montego Bay still continues to completely and utterly captivate couples’ hearts. Born, back in the days when only the rich and famous wintered in the tropics, the resort’s original incarnation was as the glamorous Bay Roc Hotel. A Mecca for the jet-setting crowd of that era, the Bay Roc, known for its breathtakingly exquisite beach, was designed by renowned American architect, Edward Durrell Stone, who also created New York City’s Radio City Music Hall and Museum of Modern Art.

Today, every inch of this remarkable spot—located ever-so-conveniently minutes from Montego Bay’s international airport—gives you an authentic experience of the good life, Caribbean-style. Feel the amazingly upbeat energy as it pulses and throbs infectiously to a tropical heartbeat, inspiring you to discover a whole new level of excitement. Walk along pathways that lead enchantingly through artfully landscaped gardens and you’ll encounter mature fruit trees, laden with mangoes, red ackees and citrus. Get lost in the brilliant tropical flowers, such as oleander, plumbago, yellow shrimp and frangipani, which assault your senses with impossible hues of pink, gold, purple and blue and fill your head with lingering fragrances that stay with you long after you’ve left the island. Stay in magnificent suites that were once the private villas of the fabulously wealthy who once made the Bay Roc their winter playground. Experience the upscale leisure of days gone by melded seamlessly with all of the luxurious, modern touches that characterizes this, the very first, and always special, Sandals.

A Beach from Here to Eternity

The longest, and quite possibly widest, private beach on Jamaica’s Riviera-like north coast seems to stretch out far past forever. Dig your toes into the warm, impossibly silky, snow-white sand, and leave a double imprint in your wake, as you stroll aimlessly along 2000 feet of waterfront. Swing together in a hammock, strung from the boughs of two coconut trees. Listen to the mesmeric lull of the ocean waves from one of the “love beds,” strategically placed steps from the lapping sea. Take shelter from the caress of the sun beneath one of the many thatched umbrellas that grace the beachscape. Work off your luscious lunch with a game of beach volleyball. Or thrill yourself with one of our first-rate water sports. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a beach awaits you on these golden sands, which slope ever so seductively down to the most crystal-clear, aquamarine waters this side of nirvana.

Upbeat, Uplifting and Over-the-Top Fun

The moment you enter Sandals Montego Bay, you’ll be caught up in a wave of energy and enthusiasm that will have you tapping your feet, moving your hips to the pulsating rhythms of the ever-present reggae beat and smiling from ear to ear in response to the warm, friendly laughter of all the happy people around you—especially the staff. Sizzling with irrepressible high spirits, this place ensures that you’ll never be at a loss for something to do, see or try. Sample some high-octane, and truly delicious, original cocktail concoctions, created by our master bartenders. Add your voice to an impromptu sing-along by the waiters serving your meal. Don’t be shy—no one else is, especially not the hotel’s singing general manager! The combined piano bar and swim-up pool bar is an always-happening spot. Tucked away in its own beachfront enclave, this hive of activity nestles under vivid parti-colored pink and white bougainvillea and is constantly humming with laughter, song, the clinking of glasses and the joyful sounds of a party in full swing.

At night the energy level kicks up several notches. Pulses race and hearts pump faster as your entertainment team members do absolutely everything in their power to make sure you’re grooving, rocking and having the time of your life—whether watching a Broadway-caliber show under the dome of the entertainment pavilion or dancing until the wee hours of the morning in our always-hopping disco.

A Real Caribbean Village

With 26 acres of manicured grounds, a sprawling beach and incredibly luxurious rooms and suites, Sandals Montego Bay epitomizes a true Caribbean getaway. Emanating the relaxed, casual elegance of a Jamaican villa, the resort offers you a taste of island-style opulence. Opt for sumptuously appointed rooms with views of the undulating turquoise sea or splendidly flowering gardens. Or splurge sinfully and choose one of our magnificent suites, housed in once-private villas. Say your vows and promise unending love as you wed in our very own unbelievably quaint, Jamaican-gingerbread-style chapel, the only on-site church to be found in any resort in the Caribbean. Steal a few moments of seclusion, amidst the livewire energy, in hidden garden swings, Jacuzzis and serene niches that let you completely lose yourselves from every single thing—except for each other.

Come Back Home—As Often As You Like

Imagine being constantly greeted by the ever-present smiles of a staff completely dedicated to making sure you’re totally ecstatic at all times. From Alford, who welcomes you to the resort with a huge grin and promises to spoil you rotten, to the general manager, himself, who knows most every guest by name—this place invites you to make it your island home-away-from-home. And that’s exactly what most couples do—returning year after year, sometimes several times a year, until they’ve racked up incredible amounts of stays. The record, to date, is 100 glorious returns and counting! Whether it’s your very first trip here or your 31st visit, you’ll know instantly that you’ve found your very own Caribbean hideaway under the ever-shining sun.

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