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Grande Ocho Rios

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Explore sweeping emerald hillsides filled with the chirping of birds. Follow sloping paths, lined with bamboo fronds and scented with the mingled fragrances of a riot of vividly hued island blossoms, all the way down, past babbling brooks of pure stream water and beneath towering trees, to the brilliant white sands of a pristine beach caressed by the crystal-clear waves of the azure Caribbean Sea. Along the way, don’t forget to indulge in all of the first-class amenities you could ever dream up—from 101 sparkling pools to a massive promenade protruding out into the ocean and from majestic beachfront suites to secluded, mountainside villas. Embrace every remarkable facet of the tropics, as you indulge in the very height of luxurious island living, at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios.

Vast Scale, Incredible Options—You Can Have It All

Impossibly lush greenery clings to sloping hillsides that sweep all the way down to meet brilliant white sands and the vivid turquoise waters of the translucent Caribbean. Imagine one resort boasting all of the splendor of emerald mountains, rainforest gardens and pristine, silky-sand beaches overlooking the sparkling sapphire expanse of one of the world’s most celebrated seas—Sandals Grande Ocho Rios encompasses all the wonders of the islands in one spectacular setting. Spanning 110 acres, overflowing with luxuriant vegetation, towering vine-laden trees, babbling brooks of pure spring water and every imaginable fragrant flower, decked out in a wild rainbow of reds, purples, pinks and fuchsias—the resort sweeps from the Manor section’s deep-green mountainsides all the way down to the Riviera side’s sugar-white-sand beach and the glinting, diamantine ocean. Amidst this incredibly luscious and varied landscape lies a supremely luxurious environment filled with a huge range of exciting activities, diverting entertainment choices, succulent dining options, 101 scintillating pools and exquisitely opulent and unique accommodations. Wake up to the enchanting melody of bird song, the hypnotic lull of ocean waves or the absolutely unforgettable sound of bamboo branches swaying in the gentle trade winds and begin a day where almost anything under the sun is possible. From scaling the West Indies’ highest rock climbing wall to meditating in our Red Lane Spa’s soothing solarium and from playing a challenging 18 holes on our nearby hilltop, championship golf course to lazing languorously in a poolside cabana, misted by cooling rosewater and attended by your own concierge—at this unique and magnificent hideaway your choices are virtually limitless and your pleasure unfathomable.

The Manor—Escape to the Mountains

Bamboo trees bend toward each other from either side of the steeply climbing road to form a triumphal archway welcoming you to the Manor at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios. Nestled on a sloping hillside, covered with aromatic blooms and serenaded by a chorus of chirping birds, the Manor Great House’s rich, plantation-style lobby enfolds you immediately in an atmosphere of serene opulence, promising a whole host of elegant diversions. Revel in the refined charm of the mahogany-clad, British Colonial architecture. Dive into the unbelievably gorgeous 13,000-square-foot, zero-edge Grande Pool, surrounded by cabanas and enlivened by the swim-up bar, whose ever-joking bartenders constantly serve up laughter and good times, along with sinfully delicious original cocktails. Wander the manicured grounds and take in the always breathtaking views of the sumptuously green mountains swooping down to meet the undulating aquamarine sea far below. Claim your own private corner of heaven as you hop aboard a jitney that whisks you to your secluded villa, cradled in amongst the verdant hills above the Manor Great House. Swim together in the delicious privacy of your own pool. Disappear completely from the rest of civilization as you surrender to the luxurious embrace of your very own bungalow, a sublime sanctuary enshrouded by morning mists, illuminated by the noonday sun and enraptured by the silvery light of the full moon.

The Riviera—Your Seaside Haven

As you make your way along the entrancing, sinewy pathways of the Riviera that curve past huge red and pink ginger lilies, Koi-filled ponds, fruit-heavy trees, babbling brooks welling up from underground springs and bamboo groves—before too long, you’re bound to come upon a heart-stopping vista of the cerulean sea spread out before you. Marvel at the Grande Promenade, a massive rectangular pier that crowns the main beach, jutting straight out into the crystalline ocean from either side of the sandy stretch. Venture out onto the promenade and allow yourself to give in to the unending allure of the glistening liquid horizon. Swing side by side in suspended teakwood armchairs. Drink in the panoramic view from atop our two-story sunset tower. Enjoy a couples’ massage or other spa treatment in one of our pier’s-edge Red Lane gazebos. Dine at the ultimate waterfront table. Or simply join hands and revel in the symphony of gold, pink and tangerine tinges that suffuse the sky as the sun sinks slowly into the indigo sea.

The Riviera Beach Club—The Ultimate Beachfront Scene

Amble a mere few yards from the Riviera’s main beach and you’ll soon happen upon a whole other reality entirely. Dig your toes into the powdery, pearl-white sand of the Beach Club’s gemlike crescent shore lapped by the scintillating azure sea. Soak in the rays from a chaise lounge resting on an ingenious ledge in the pool itself. Paddle up to the happening swim-up bar that guarantees the best of times along with its potent, fruit-infused concoctions. Satisfy all of your ravenous cravings, kicked up by a day of splashing and sunning, at the Beach Club’s own restaurant and snack bar. Shop for bargains at our authentic craft market, where you can find the very best of Jamaica’s signature workmanship. Explore every amazing facet of the Riviera Beach Club and experience the real essence of laid-back beach living.

Nature Lovers’ Nirvana

Sandals Grande Ocho Rios bears the distinct honor of being the childhood home of Sandals’ Chairman, Gordon “Butch” Stewart. In this idyllic spot, the future entrepreneur and hotel mogul grew up swimming out into the glass-clear water to explore the reef, foraging for mangos in the hills and playing amongst the trees, bushes and flowers that graced his grandmother’s house—which in its present incarnation has been transformed into the resort’s ever-popular Beverly’s Piano Bar. Today Sandals Grande Ocho Rios reflects its founder’s deep respect and esteem for the lush, island landscape of his supremely warm homeland. Built amidst a chaotic, yet orderly, cacophony of purple, pink and fuchsia bougainvillea, apricot hibiscus and an unfathomable array of trees and bushes that would put the Garden of Eden to shame—all nourished by the pure waters of upwelling streamlets—every inch of this resort is a tribute to the incredible wonders of tropical nature. Just step outside your villa or stride along one of the many pathways that undulate throughout our Riviera and Manor buildings and become submerged in the untouched ambiance of a wildlife preserve. Listen as birds warble melodically from the treetops. Watch as the morning mists are burnt away by the rising sun. Unearth a new surprise every day, around every bend, and let yourself be swallowed whole by the bewitching mystique of the Caribbean, enveloping you utterly in unsurpassed tranquility.

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