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Unbelievably plush gardens, simply bursting with color, enfold you utterly in the rich, perfumed scents of a myriad of exotic blossoms, transporting you immediately into the very soul of the tropics. Spend even a few moments at Sandals Halcyon, amidst the glorious profusion of yellow, purple and pink blossoms, on the golden-sand shores of a curvaceous beach lapped by the pearlescent turquoise waters of a limpid sea and you’ll know in an instant why there’s nothing quite as exquisite as the allure of the Caribbean.


Satisfy your yearning for fine food at breakfast, lunch and dinner with sumptuous International fare. As the nearby waves serenade you and the gentle breezes stir your tablecloth, the delectable flavors and colorful décor of this open-air restaurant will fill you with the spirit of the islands.


Savor authentic pastas and culinary creations straight from Italy in this warmly handsome trattoria with its rich, yellow, sponge-painted walls and its atmospheric, candlelit tables for two.

The Pier

Suspended straight out over the starlit sea itself, with multi-paned windows that offer a panoramically unforgettable view of the water ebbing and flowing in the silvery sheen of the island moon, this venerable eatery captures the heart with its unbelievably romantic ambiance. It captivates the senses with its rich, wide-paneled hardwood floors and glowing chandeliers. And, most of all, it satiates your appetite for divine gourmet cuisine with its spectacular seafood.

The Beach Bistro

Feast on all your favorite comfort foods, beneath the wooden roof of our charming, open-air, octagonal, beach grill, mere steps away from the powdery sand.

A True Caribbean Experience

Surrender to the age-old mystique of gorgeous St. Lucia—a majestic land characterized by the soaring peaks of Gros and Petit Pitons and blessed with so much natural beauty that Britain and France sparred over her for more than a century—when you retreat to Sandals Halcyon. In this enchanting getaway every single room lies nestled in amongst luxuriant foliage and the charming architecture blends in perfectly with the lush greenery, abundant vines and fruit-filled trees. The very second you alight beneath our soaring lobby portico and are greeted warmly by Claudius, our ever-smiling bellman, you realize at once that you’ve arrived in a whole new, sun-splashed reality. That impression only grows as you wander out to the long sweep of silken beach and feast your eyes upon a rippling aqua-green ocean scintillating in the ever-present golden sunshine. Laze countless hours away beneath a palapas hut set directly on satiny sands. Pull up a chair on your private balcony with its authentic cut-stone walls, cradled beneath cascades of riotously blooming, red ixoras or buttercup-yellow allamanda flowers, overflowing from the pointed eaves of your very own Caribbean hideaway. Celebrate the sunset from your prime view in a beachfront gazebo overhung with brilliant bougainvillea. Sway to the infectious beat of throbbing reggae music and attune your pulse to the mellow, intoxicating rhythm of the islands.

Enter the Garden of Eden

Stroll along meandering pathways that curl through some of the most spectacular tropical foliage imaginable and lose yourself completely in the vivid explosion of magnificently blossoming exotic flowers that fill the air with scent and dazzle your senses with every vibrant hue in the universe—hundreds of downy petals sporting a rainbow of purples, apricots, pinks, oranges and blues. Escape together into one of the endless romantic nooks and private niches created by the burgeoning display of glorious nature. Grab a hammock for two slung between two towering coconut trees in a secluded corner of heaven. Become absorbed in the capricious flight of a butterfly or the delicate, impossibly fast hovering wings of a brilliantly iridescent hummingbird. Close your eyes and drink in the rich aura of the Caribbean as you encounter a whole new level of overwhelming tranquility.

The Lively Side of Nirvana

Swim up to the bar in the beachfront Sunset Pool and you’ll discover right away that you’ve happened upon the very hub of activity and the center of fun at Sandals Halcyon. Clink glasses with new friends as you share a laugh at the bartenders’ latest jokes. Experience the thrill of victory as you serve for the match in a spirited game of pool volleyball. Move uninhibitedly to the irresistible sounds of your favorite songs, as they pulse from our state-of-the-art sound system. Or simply claim a bright blue float, soak in the sun’s rays and let the delicious cacophony of ocean waves breaking on the nearby shore carry you away.

The Pristine Serenity of Paradise

Hidden away in the middle of our indescribably luscious gardens sits a magical oasis surrounded by thickets of mango, coconut and palm trees and ringed by tumbling walls of wildly flowering hedges in scarlet and white. Lounge beside our sparkling turquoise Paradise Pool and become totally still amidst the divine quietude of a spot absolutely undisturbed by music and untainted by anything but the sweet melody of trilling birds. Slip into the deliciously refreshing waters and make your leisurely way up to the swim-up bar. Take afternoon high tea on the red-stone terrace, beneath the vaulted wooden ceiling of the poolside gazebo. Above all else, revel in the incredible peace of every single moment in this entrancing tropical sanctuary.

Service Warmer Than the Sun

Draw up a stool at any bar and you’ll inevitably encounter mischievous bartenders who always remember your name and your favorite drink and who think it’s their mission in life to make you laugh. Walk only a few feet along any of our flower-filled pathways and you’ll inevitably be greeted by the beaming smile of a passing housekeeper or landscaper. No matter where you may roam in this intimate enclave on the shores of the opalescent Caribbean Sea, you’ll come across staff members who are genuinely dedicated to making you feel at home, to satisfying your every wish and to giving you the most unforgettably perfect time of your lives.

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