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A grand European village—where each and every one of our 360 rooms and suites overlooks the breathtaking vista of a sea that shimmers and moves in the light of the sun—this remarkable landmark heralds the arrival of supreme luxury and sophistication to an untainted and unbelievably gorgeous landscape. Cradled in the midst of breathtaking, emerald-green mountains and crowned by a two-mile stretch of purest white-sand beach that is Jamaica’s longest, and one of the Caribbean’s most stunning, Sandals Whitehouse seamlessly blends the luxuriant wonders of a 50-acre nature preserve with the extreme elegance and out-of-this-world opulence reminiscent of Europe’s most magnificent palaces and chateaus.


Impressive, iconic architecture—with sponge-painted walls and vivid mosaics— complements the delectable International fare that is served at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Enter Italy as you cross the threshold of this charming eatery that features dinners of pastas, pizzas and an antipasti bar straight from the old country. A backdrop of vaulted ceilings, domed windows and a wood-enclosed wine tower, lets you journey to the Mediterranean without once leaving the islands.


Succulent Caribbean cuisine, for breakfast and dinner, tantalizes your taste buds as white-glove service spoils you royally amidst surroundings that transport you back to the old plantation houses of yesteryear Jamaica—complete with a turning waterwheel and a stone-enclosed fireplace.


Asian accents punctuate this restaurant’s décor, letting you know that you’ve arrived for dinner in the exotic Orient, where you’ll sample the exotic and delectable spices and flavors of the east.


Set overlooking the beach with no walls to muffle the crescendo of the crashing waves, this dining destination serves up hearty Tex Mex offerings, throughout the day and evening, in a uniquely Caribbean setting.


Traditional Jamaican food, such as delicious jerk chicken and patties, awaken the palate, all through the day, in this beachside grill adjacent to the French Village.

Café de Paris

A Parisian-style patisserie, featuring sinful pastries, crepes, coffees and dessert delights—all whipped up by our resident pastry chef—forms the centerpiece of restaurant row, After all, everyone works up a sweet tooth sooner or later.

Paradise Found… Unearth the South Coast’s Innate Tranquility

Nestled on Jamaica’s unspoiled South Coast—a totally untainted tropical landscape far from the encroachment of big cities and teeming crowds, where fishing villages abound and the night sky is always filled with thousands of glittering stars—lies Sandals Whitehouse, a resort that offers a whole new level of luxurious sophistication amidst a pristine environment of untouched nature. 50 acres of a spectacular nature preserve, ringed by a range of deep-green mountains and set on two miles of pearl-white-sand beach lapped by the sparkling aqua magnificence of the Caribbean Sea, this pristine spot allows you to rediscover the rhythms of a lifestyle that existed in a time before honking horns, work pressures and traffic jams. Here your most pressing decision will be what secluded corner of the virtually deserted silky-white sand to claim as your own. The only sounds you’ll hear will be the insistent, soothing ebb and flow of translucent waves as they meet the shore. And your sole responsibility will be to kick back, relax and let our warmly attentive, salt-of-the-earth, local staff do their utmost to ensure that your every vacation fantasy comes to vivid life.

European Elegance Meets Island Exoticism

From the moment you pull up to the stunning port cochère, at the end of the stunning palm- and bamboo-lined drive, and are greeted by four white-marble angels, you’ll realize that you’ve happened upon a majestic spot. The lobby’s soaring central dome, its skylight sending ripples of sunshine flitting across the sumptuous furnishings, artwork and stone colonnades, announces your arrival at a new state of elite living. The resort—centered around a piazza that would fit seamlessly in the middle of Venice, complete with a four-tiered fountain, marble statuary and stone planters overflowing with vivid bougainvillea—resonates with a vibe of supreme sophistication. Boasting a restaurant row that dazzles with the cuisines of Europe, the Orient, the United States and the Caribbean; accommodations grouped in European-themed villages that sport the architectural styles of Italy, the Netherlands and France; and tons of exquisite touches—such as fountains and statues galore—Sandals Whitehouse welcomes you to a taste of otherworldly excellence in the very heart of the throbbing Caribbean. Share evening cocktails on the piazza to the strains of our classical violinist. Match wits in a life-sized game of chess on manicured lawns populated by preening and prancing teal-hued peacocks. Revel in all of the elegant pursuits that make Europe such an attractive destination—all in sight of the shimmering, turquoise magnificence of the Caribbean Sea.

Excellence Beyond Compare

Every single one of our 360 rooms and suites overlooks the breathtaking vista of a sea that shimmers and moves in the light of the sun. An oasis of first-class amenities, ultra-modern conveniences, tasteful touches and elite accommodations, this ultimate hideaway offers supreme luxury in a totally unspoiled landscape of wild, tropical beauty. Laze decadently in your own palatial accommodations, complete with mahogany four poster beds, Caribbean-inspired décor and rich accents that let you know you’ve arrived at supreme opulence. Bid on fine art at auctions that rival anything London or Milan has to offer. Host or attend galas, business meetings, banquets or special functions in our top-of-the-line conference rooms and grand ballroom. Indulge in a soothing and revitalizing treatment at our world-class, quadrangular Red Lane Spa, and discover a whole new level of peace and rejuvenation. Whatever you desire, you’ll find it here—on a level that far exceeds your most exclusive imaginings.

Seclusion and Romance Abound

Acres and acres of grounds invite couples to get lost from civilization’s prying eyes. The unending beach beckons twosomes to stroll hand-in-hand to the sound of whispering waves. Discreet nooks and forgotten niches encourage lovers to stop and share timeless moments that will last an eternity. Thatched roofs cover polished bamboo swings built-for-two, under tall trees filled with the seductive lilt of birdsong. Every single element of this magical spot reminds you exactly why you fell in love in the first place.

Bring on the Night

Suave and pulsating at the same time, the nightlife at Sandals Whitehouse embodies the smooth throb of the resort’s energy. A cabaret that would not be out of place in any of Europe’s capital cities showcases entertainment that sizzles. The tinkling keys of the piano get the party started, and the voices singing along, in Casablanca’s the ultra-elegant, safari-style bar, where the only thing cooler than the patrons are the icy martinis. In a choreographed, yet wholly spontaneous, rhythm couples celebrate the nighttime at Sandals Whitehouse as they congregate and circulate around the Piazza. Here you can mingle with friends, both new and old, choose whatever sinful culinary experience you’re in the mood for tonight and share laughter, cocktails and good times just for two—all to the underlying, infectious beat of the tropics.

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