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Regency La Toc

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Claim your very own corner of a grand Caribbean estate set on over 200 lush acres filled with towering trees, overflowing cascades of vividly hued tropical flowers, a sweeping nine-hole golf course, a gorgeous, half-mile, crescent beach and exquisitely soaring bluffs—all looking out onto the heart-stopping vista of a vast, turquoise ocean, moving and glistening in the golden sunshine. Surrender completely to the allure of this majestic spot, as the ever-present sea breezes tousle your hair and the resounding symphony of waves welcomes you home at long last.


A vast domed ceiling comes to a point at least a hundred feet over your heads, supported by eight massive columns adorned with golden mosaic tiles. Open on all sides, allowing the fresh sea air to waft in, this eatery tantalizes your taste buds with a lavish buffet spread for breakfast and lunch and a delectable à la carte menu of International specialties for dinner.


Cross the threshold of this dramatic, Japanese-inspired building and enter an environment that melds the very best of the orient with the gorgeous island ambiance of St. Lucia. Tucked into the side of a sheer cliff, this two-story restaurant offers magnificent views of the spot-lit ocean through walls of wood-encased square-pained glass, the perfect accompaniment to sizzling teppanyaki dishes, whipped up with flair, fanfare and laughter by your knife-wielding chef.

La Toc

Parisian-inspired cuisine, paired with the finest selections from the world’s most celebrated vineyards, tempts your palate as the warm golden-hued walls, wrought-iron chandeliers and rich, sumptuous fabrics stimulate your senses in this truly fantastic epicurean delight.


Dusky pink walls, inset with drapery-clad mahogany French doors, form a plush interior; while artfully grouped tables-for-two, glowing with candlelight, adorn the exterior balconies of this Italian eatery, which sits atop the Sunset Bluff pool offering a spectacular view of the ocean beyond. Every exquisite detail invites you to sit back, sip a glass of wine and savor the flavorful delicacies of Italy.


Modeled after the twin peaks of St. Lucia’s famed Piton mountains, this open-air restaurant, offering breathtaking views of the beach and ocean spread out before you, is highlighted by a grand circular dining room beneath a stunning cone-shaped wooden dome. Serving up delicious Caribbean cooking, this uniquely exotic spot delivers all of the spice, warmth and taste that make the islands so beloved.


Dine on Tex-Mex dishes for dinner and enjoy grilled comfort food and snacks throughout the day, as you thrill to the ever-present sound of waves caressing the beach below. Rustic yellow, green and blue touches may suggest Mexico, but the ultimate seaside location and gently blowing trade winds remind you constantly that you’re actually in the very heart of the Caribbean.

Pizzeria Del Campo

Feast on thin-crust pizzas, delivered hot and fresh straight from our wood-fired oven, all throughout the languorous day. Don’t forget to take in the view, as you munch contentedly at your courtyard table-for-two, beneath a tan umbrella, shaded by a Poinciana tree—all overlooking the satiny beach and the sparkling azure ocean.

An Impossibly Grand Estate

St. Lucia—an island crowned spectacularly by the cone-shaped peaks of the renowned twin mountains, Gros Piton and Petit Piton—boasts quite simply one of the most breathtaking landscapes on the entire planet. Fought over fiercely for 150 years by the British and the French, this magnificent country emanates sophistication and spice to go along with its unparalleled natural beauty. Birthplace of the Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, this isle still resonates with a Gallic flair to go along with its English gentility. The La Toc Estate, home to Sandals Regency La Toc, embodies all of the exotic elegance that has made St. Lucia so sought after throughout the ages.

Sweep through the manor-style, cut-stone gates of this storied property onto the half-mile, curving driveway that ushers you past luxuriant greenery and vivid yellow beds of allamanda flowers, and you’ll know immediately that you have entered a world replete with vibrant Caribbean color and rich European tradition. This former sugar plantation sprawls beguilingly across more than 200 acres of swooping hills, gentle valleys, sheer bluffs and a half-mile crescent of golden sand kissed by the pearlescent jade sea. Steeped in the mystique of St. Lucia, every inch of Sandals Regency La Toc radiates the very essence of cosmopolitan glamour. Amble aimlessly across manicured lawns, beneath the umbrella of gracious shade trees, and remark idly on ancient cannons still aimed out to sea. Play a challenging round of golf on our rolling emerald links overlooking the dazzling turquoise sea. Sink the eight ball at one of our pool tables in the exclusive, dark-wood environs of our billiards room. Savor fine wines and epicurean treats straight from the heart of Paris in the ultra-sophisticated ambiance of our award-winning La Toc restaurant. From plasma TVs and mahogany, four-poster, king-sized beds to a state-of-the-art fitness center and our unbelievably pampering Red Lane Spa—enjoy all of the modern conveniences the 21st century has to offer, while you revel in the old-world charm of a more glittering era.

Unending Beach Side Fun

Humming with an electric buzz of activity and the constant promise of greater and greater things to come, the main hub, or beach side of Sandals Regency La Toc offers endless diversions in its glorious setting right beside the ever-scintillating teal sea. Step gradually into the sparkling waters of a marvelously expansive pool and float lazily up to the swim-up bar, where our laughing bartenders are sure to have you sampling the very latest of their potent, tropical concoctions. Steal an impossibly romantic moment in an entrancing gazebo, virtually concealed from the rest of humanity by a sumptuous profusion of purple, pink and white bougainvillea, overlooking the opalescent sea. Swap stories of all the sights and sounds that have so filled your days and enchanted your nights, as you share a toast at the piano bar with newfound friends. Cheer on your favorite teams and never miss a second of the big game, as you relax with an ice-cold beverage in Jaime’s Sports Bar. Stroll leisurely along the gentle arc of golden sand as it stretches for half a mile forming a gorgeous cove of aquamarine water that entices you to wade in, bit-by-bit, until you’re totally immersed in the refreshing sea and completely drenched in the warm, delicious embrace of the Caribbean.

See Forever from the Sunset Bluffs

Escape to a whole new reality as you enter the exquisite milieu of our out-of-this-world bluff side. Every angle of our soaring cliff-side bluffs—every bar, restaurant and suite in this resort-within-the-resort—affords the most stunning, panoramic vistas of a vast, incandescent ocean, which seems to stretch all the way to eternity. Luxuriate in the unrivalled opulence of your bluff-side suite (complete with its own private plunge pool) perched on the very edge of cliffs that loom hundreds of feet above the undulating sapphire sea. Take a dip in the Sunset Bluffs’ pool, featuring a splendid view and its own swim-up bar, as well as dramatic, manmade waterfalls that splash soothingly down from two stories high. Feel all of your cares dissolve away as you submit to the discreet pampering of your own elite, British-Guild-trained butler, whose greatest wish is to cater to your every whim. Gasp at some of the most amazing sunsets you’re ever likely to witness, the huge tangerine orb sinking slowly and inexorably into an ocean of liquid light. Allow yourself to be utterly overcome by the indescribable serenity of a place that captivates your imagination as it frees your soul.

Remarkable Tropical Nature Leaves You Breathless

Explore paradise as you roam across the more than 200 acres of incredibly lush Caribbean landscape that makes up this expansive estate. Multi-hued cottages nestle in amongst burgeoning beds of brilliant purple, yellow and red blooms on sloping hillsides. Green-gabled villas jut out over seafront cliffs. Graceful architecture blends in seamlessly with plush equatorial greenery. Whatever direction you turn, this luminescent spot enfolds you entirely in the exotic scents and kaleidoscopic colors of a tropical wonderland. Saunter beneath massive, decades-old, towering trees as their branches glide and dance in the cooling ocean-borne breezes. Smile at the melodic warbling of countless tiny golden-breasted birds. Fall asleep soothed by the blissful lullaby of wind gently rustling the palm fronds outside your window. Encounter ripe mangos in laden trees or branches filled to brimming with fragrant citrus. Marvel at exotic butterflies flitting from bud to bud. And, no matter where you wander, delight in the constant symphony of ocean waves—hypnotic, lulling and unimaginably majestic.

Tee Off in Nirvana

When you’re in the mood for a challenging round of golf, look no further than the impeccably groomed greens and inclined fairways that grace our on-property, nine-hole course. Unlock your inner champion on links lined with tall stands of bamboo, meandering streams and rows of mango trees. Let your caddy choose the ideal club or suggest the very best approach. Soak in the caressing rays of the morning sun as you line up your putt. Reach a hilltop and come upon a view that will quite literally take your breath away and make you forget, just for a moment, everything else but the absorbing spectacle of a sea spread out before you glistening in the shimmering light.

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